Indonesia Not Ready to Use E-Voting in 2014 Election

Indonesia Not Ready to Use E-Voting in 2014 Election  

UII, YOGYAKARTA – The opinion suggesting Indonesia to use E-voting during next 2014 election is still in debate. The system is considered not safe since it has some flaws which can be exploited by irresponsible people.

“E-voting weakness can be manipulated by some people as their interest which can disturb the process and result of the voting itself”, as said by Manik Hapsara, Ph.D., lecturer from Informatics Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology UII on Friday (26/4).

He said the failure to implement e-voting system during election will damage public trust to the voting result. “If that happen, the government may decide to organize re-election. Of course, it waste democracy budget and certainly affect state affair”, he stated.

Even though, Manik also admitted that there is some advantages if e-voting successfully implemented such as voting count will a lot of easier so the result can be obtained faster, more secrecy since encrypted, and more practical by using touch screen.

“The prospect to utilize this system is still bright, but it is not easy to implement it here. Researcher even stated it can be the first secured system in the world”, he added.

In Indonesia, e-voting system has been successfully implemented in some region such as Pandeglang, Banten, and Jembrana. But, the internet connection system to transfer the voting data is not yet fully secured and has many loops which can threaten the voting credibility. Manik afraid some irresponsible people who capable to attack the system through spoofing, virus, and denial of service.

Manik mentioned e-voting implementation in other countries, for example in the US, Hawaii, Venezuela, Philippine, and India. It still has problems, such as in hardware, the system itself, and vote. The problem may be caused by bug in the system or hacker attack which penetrated system security.

In the end, he concluded “Indonesia is not ready to use this system. We cannot risk our democracy, political economy life, and law to an unreliable system”.  



Author: Manik Hapsara

E-Voting Researcher University of New South Wales Canberra

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